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Monday, December 1, 2014

We Can Make The World Stop - Spy vs Spy

We Can Make the World Stop

By Glenda Reynolds

I don’t believe that I really get paid to do this, snickered Agent Rona Monroe to herself as she continued her surveillance of Nestor Arlovski’s activities next door. He was presently jogging on his treadmill as he listened to smooth jazz. She gave a new meaning to the term nosy neighbor. She knew everything about him from his silk shorts to his favorite music; his favorite foods to his social life. By day he was a professional dancer, by night a scientist of pandemic diseases. What she didn’t know was Arlovski’s reason for working with a terrorist group to create germ warfare with a super virus. He was a curiosity to her. She continued to study him.
Two weeks ago, Rona had been briefed at headquarters on a new biological weapon threat: the Red Death. This was a much faster acting disease than any in previous history. It caused the organs of the body to hemorrhage and shut down. The infected person’s eyes, ears and nose would begin to leak blood. Death came swiftly after these symptoms occurred. At that time she was assigned to spy on Nestor Arlovski.
Rona moved in next to Arlovski’s apartment . She managed to break into his apartment and plant cameras and microphones in every room. Later, she showed up at his door with brownies as a neighborly gesture. A smile crept on his face that was always unshaven. His dark eyes danced for joy. The brownies were much appreciated.
“Thank you, ma’am.”
 “You’re welcome anytime,” she replied with admiring eyes as she curled a strand of her red hair around her finger.
There was a celebration at a swanky hotel near the United Nations Plaza in New York. There would be dancing, catering and speeches given. The Russian Dance Troupe headed by Arlovski was asked to provide some entertainment for the world leaders. Arlovski slid an invitation to Rona under her door.
An hour later, Rona received a top secret transition on her cell phone with the photo of a female Russian spy by the name of Nina Gorelov. Rona had orders to terminate Gorelov’s life since she was a clear and present danger, with intentions to sell the Red Death. Rona had the perfect little black dress and heels for this occasion. She always carried the standard pistol on her garter holster, the throwing darts in her hairdo, and her laser-camera-zipline-spy watch.
When Rona arrived at the hotel, security was very tight. Rona waited at a safe distance to locate her mark. As Nina Gorelov made it passed security, Rona stuck a tracking patch on the back of Gorelov’s arm. Gorelov turned to glare at her.
Rona who donned large, black framed glasses exclaimed, “Excuse me, Miss”. Rona could immediately see the red tracking dot in her right lens. The crowds dispersed throughout the building.
At the top of the hour, the guests took their seats as announcements were made by the Secretary of the UN. Next, the US President took the podium. He greeted the world leaders, thanking them for attending.
“Please put your hands together for Nestor Arlovski and the Russian Dance Troupe!”
Nestor had made sure that Rona was seated in the front. He spotted her as he danced. The troupe did a military themed techno dance. When the dance was over, Nestor walked over to Rona. He led her to the dance floor as dancers in his troupe lead other guests to the dance floor as well. 

The deep bass of the song “We Can Make the World Stop” by the Glitch Mob electrified the atmosphere. Nestor led Rona in an Argentine Tango. She stepped on a chair and onto a table top to fall into his arms. He dragged her across the room with her toes skidding along the floor only to pop her in the air, her legs encircling him as they twirled around on the dance floor. After they crossed the room to and fro in hold, he tossed her in the air horizontally. More foot work, an elegant lift, a spin, and then the couple ended the dance much like it started. The room burst with applause. She kissed him on the cheek. Rona put the tracking glasses back on. Her mark was on the move.
“Thanks for the dance. I’ll be back in a moment.” She made her way to the stairs at the lobby and followed them up. The red dot stopped at the women’s restroom. When she entered, she saw Nina Gorlov rummaging through her purse at the sink. Her eyes looked suspiciously at Rona. Rona casually opened her clutch and applied some lipstick. Nina pulled out a pistol as she aimed it at Rona.
“I know who you are, you stinking spy. Don’t think that you will stop me from selling the Red Death to the highest bidder.”
Rona kicked some loose papers from the floor into Nina’s face. That gave her time to grab Nina’s wrist and force the pistol out of her grasp. Rona grasped a dart from her hair and shoved it into Nina’s windpipe. Nina exited the restroom as Rona followed on her heels. Nina headed straightway to a balcony. The two of them careened sideways over the banister. Rona used her zipline feature of her watch to cleave to the railing. Nina hung onto Rona’s right foot. Rona activated the knife in the toe of her shoe as she stabbed Nina’s hand. The Russian spy fell to her death. Rona retracted her zipline and crawled over the railing. She made a call to contain the situation.
“Send over a cleanup crew to the United Nations party. Make sure they are a biohazard team. Agent Monroe out.”
“Affirmative, Agent Monroe. Good work!”
Rona rejoined Nestor at the party. She later helped recover his family members that the terrorists threatened to kill if he didn’t cooperate. He and his family were given new identities.

~ The End ~

Note from author: I received my inspiration from Dancing With The Stars' Maks Chmerkoskiy and from listening to "We Can Make The World Stop" when I was listening to Pandora.

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